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Adrián Hernández Vicente

PHD Student


Adrián Hernández-Vicente received a B.S. degree in “Physical Activity and Sport Sciences” and a MSc in “Physical Exercise and Health” from University of Zaragoza, Spain, in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Now he has an FPU (University Staff Training) fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Education at GENUD Research Group in the University of Zaragoza. Esther Pueyo, together with Nuria Garatachea and Germán Vicente, direct his doctoral thesis, entitled: “Physical exercise as an agent of exceptional longevity (centenarians) and its cardiovascular aging”.


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Artículos de revista

Hernández-Vicente, A; Hernando, D; Vicente-Rodríguez, G; Bailón, R; Garatachea, N; Pueyo, E

ECG ventricular repolarization dynamics during exercise: temporal profile, relation to heart rate variability and effects of age and physical health Artículo de revista

En: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (9497), 2021.

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Hernández-Vicente, A; Hernando, D; Marín-Puyalto, J; Vicente-Rodríguez, G; Garatachea, N; Pueyo, E; Bailón, R

Validity of the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor for Heart Rate Variability Analysis during Exercise in Different Age, Body Composition and Fitness Level Groups Artículo de revista

En: Sensors, 21 (902), 2021.

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Milagro, J; Hernández-Vicente, A; Hernando, D; Casajús, J A; Garatachea, N; Bailón, R; Pueyo, E

Estimation of the second ventilatory threshold through ventricular repolarization profile analysis Artículo de revista

En: Scand J Med Sci Spo, 31 , pp. 339-349, 2021.

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García, D; Kontaxis, S; Hernández-Vicente, A; Hernando, D; Milagro, J; Pueyo, E; Garatachea, N; Bailón, R; Lázaro, J

Ventilatory Thresholds Estimation Based on ECG-derived Respiratory Rate Conferencia

Proceedings of the XLVII International Conference on Computing in Cardiology, Brno, Czech Republic, 2021.



Artículos de revista

Hernández-Vicente, A; Hernando, D; Santos-Lozano, A; Rodríguez-Romo, G; Vicente-Rodríguez, G; Pueyo, E; Bailón, R; Garatachea, N

Heart rate variability and exceptional longevity Artículo de revista

En: Frontiers in Physiology, 2020.

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Hernández-Vicente, A; Hernando, D; Navarrete, D; Vicente, G; Bailón, R; Pueyo, E; Garatachea, N

El nivel de condición física tiene un papel relevante en la dinámica de la repolarización cardíaca Conferencia

II Congreso Internacional en ciéncias de la salud y del deporte, 2019.

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Hernández-Vicente, A; Rodríguez-Romo, G; Hernando, D; Vicente-Rodríguez, G; Pueyo, E; Bailón, R; Garatachea, N

La variabilidad de la frecuencia cardíaca como predictor de mortalidad a corto plazo en centenarios Conferencia

61º Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología / 26º Congreso de la Sociedad Aragonesa de Geriatría y Gerontología, 2019.

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Artículos de revista

Hernández-Vicente, A; Santos-Lozano, A; Bailón, R; Mayolas-Pi, C; Marín, P J; Garatachea, N

Effects of the type of exercise performed on the vibration delivered during whole-body vibration exercises Artículo de revista

En: Journal of Vibroengineering, 20 (3), pp. 1522-1529, 2018.

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