Confocal microscope with high performance Light Sheet based system and toxicity assessment platform

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Estefanía Peña

Funding agency

Agencia Estatal de Investigación, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

The action involves the acquisition of a Light Sheet confocal microscope
together with a high-performance platform for toxicity assessment. The
platform consists of a high-content confocal microscopy system, a
microelectrode array equipment, an automated patch-clamp system and an
optical force transducer. Together they will enable cutting-edge
research into multi-parametric analysis of cell and tissue processes and
their interrelationship to explain differences between states such as
health and disease using primary or iPSC-derived cells from healthy
donors or patients. Phenotypic changes in response to a screening
compound under different pathological states will be identified, thus
facilitating identification of new therapies. The equipment will greatly
contribute to improve competences in safety and toxicity analysis of
compounds and materials and it will expand current knowledge on basic
mechanisms of disease and therapy effects, among other possible fields
of study.

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