Research line

Diagnosis, monitoring, quantification and risk stratification of cardiac dysfunctions from automatic analysis of multilead ECG, including:

  1. Automatic ECG wave delineation and characterization
  2. the detection and monitoring of cardiac ischemia
  3. Repolarization alternans detection, as an arrhythmic risk indicator
  4. Study of the relationship between repolarization duration (QT interval) and the heart rhythm, together with their dynamic interactions, as an arrhythmic risk indicator.

Investigator in charge

Technologies and targeting sectors

  • Technology 1

Signal processing software for automatic ECG detection and delineation.

Targeting sector: Biomedical Engineering companies

  • Technology 2

Arrhythmia risk marker extraction form ECG to quantify arrhythmia risk.

Targeting sector: Biomedical Engineering companies

Patents and technology transfer

  • Case 1

Technology transfer agreement with Cradiacmarker company to transfer the repolarization  alternans detection technology.

  • Case 2

Technology transfer agreement with CardioLund Company to develop a web based site for remote ECG signal analysis services.

Singular equipment

Biomedical acquisition lab, including a tilt table set; Finometer for Blood pressure measurement and BIOPAC system for data acquisition.

Finished Projects