Research line

Experimental characterization and in-vitro modeling of human cardiac aging for:

  1. Temporal and spatial variability characterization of the electrophysiology of the human ventricle based on age
  2. Studying of structural, molecular and autonomic changes in human ventricles induced by aging
  3. Creating, characterizing and validating an aging in-vitro model based on human iPSC
  4. Searching for anti-aging targets at molecular level which explain electrophysiological changes linked to age
  5. Analyzing the effects of aging on congenital cardiomiopathies

Video: BSICoS uses human iPSC-derived myocytes for cardiac research


Investigator in charge

Technologies and targeting sectors

  • Technology 1

Cardiac biomarkers as non-invasive tools to predict heart dysfunction in relation to age, heart damage or disease.

Targeting sector: Pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies.

  • Technology 2

Discovery of cardiac anti-aging interventions for the development of novel therapies.

Targeting sector: Pharmaceutical companies

Singular equipment and techniques

Human iPSC cell culture lab and genome engineering techniques

Optical Mapping (MiCAM O5-Ultima CMOS camera, SciMedia, Costa Mesa, CA) for electrophysiological recording

Vibratome (VT12000 s, LEICA) for the preparation of myocardial tissue slices

Mechanical electrostimulation system (C-Strecht and C-Pace M, Ion Optix) for organotypic tissue and cell culture