Respiratory system projects


PPG-based sleep apnea monitoring

Towards an early identification of depression through a process of physiological signals and metabolomic biomarkers

Physiologically guided signal analysis for ambulatory monitoring of depression

Characterization and modeling of the physiological response in variable hyperbaric environments

Improved monitoring of the autonomic nervous system during daily life applied to stress, depression and exercise

Biomedical monitoring prototype integrated in diving equipment for underwater environment

Improvement of a device for real-time monitoring of the photoplestimographic signal in hyperbaric environments

Autonomic nervous system surrogates, cardiopulmonary coupling and respiratory parameters as predictors of successful weaning in mechanically ventilated patients

Validation of pulse rate variability, respiratory frequency and stress assessment from NIVAband

WECARMON: Wearable Cardiorespiratory Monitor

Optimization of a submersible device for monitoring the photoplesthymographic signal

Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (BioMep)

Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse in Central Nervous System Disorders (RADAR-CNS)

Patterns of Autonomic Nervous System Biomarkers in Depression (DEANS)

Multimodal analysis and m-Health tools for diagnostic and monitoring improving of Obstructive Lung Disease and Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients (M-LODOSA)

Effects of an early neurocognitive intervention on patient-ventilator interaction and stress in critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation (PVI-ANS-NCOG)

Design and validation of a submersible device for the monitoring of the Autonomous Nervous System through the recording of pulse photoplethysmography in aquatic activities

Identification of situations of decreased performance of the military, based on the relationship of heart rate variability with stress and sleep deprivation

Study of the behavior of the autonomic nervous system and cognitive abilities in hyperbaric environments

Noninvasive assessment of autonomic nervous system through the analysis of biosignals variability. Application to stress-related clinical problem

Decision support systems in pathological or physiological stress by assessing the state of the autonomic nervous system through signal processing

Multimodal biomedical signal processing for the analysis and characterization of cardiovascular, respiratory and autonomic deseases

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