Research line

The objective of this line is the extraction of  relevant cardiovascular and respiratory information from wearable devices, such as the heart rate, its variability (HRV), respiratory rate, and tidal volume, and its application to cardiovascular and/or respiratory pathologies as well as wellbeing monitoring. This includes:

  1. Coverage studies.
  2. Techniques for maximizing the coverage.
  3. Development and/or adaptation of methods for extracting cardiovascular and/or respiratory information from wearable devices.
  4. Applications that may benefit from a long-term monitoring, such as sleep studies, chronic respiratory diseases, daily monitoring of stress, ambulatory monitoring of depression, among others.

Technologies and targeting sectors


  • Framework for extracting physiological information from PPG:
      • Robust PPG pulse detector.
      • PPG-derived respiration technique that is robust againist sympathetic (LF) noise.
      • Physiology-driven PPG pulse decomposition analysis technique
      • PPG-based baroreflex sensitivity estimation technique
  • PPG-based obstructive sleep apnea syndrome detection in children.
  • Robust ECG-derived respiration technique, evaluated, among others, with exercise stress test recordings and with recordings from a wearable armband.

Targeting sector:

  • Companies interested in ambulatory/wearable solutions for cardiorespiratory monitoring.

Singular equipment

Biomedical acquisition lab, including:

  • Tilt table set
  • Finometer for Blood pressure measurement
  • BIOPAC system for data acquisition


Ambulatory biomedical signals acquisition equipment, including:

  • Holter devices
  • Polysomnography system SOMTE PSG V2
  • Medicom ABP 10, including sensors for ECG, PPG, EMG, respiration, EDA, etc.


Wearable devices:

  • ECG-wearable armband prototype developed at University of Connecticut
  • AppleWatch
  • Polar OH1

Patents and technology transfer

  • Technology transfer agreement with Volumetrix LLC (Nashville, TN, USA) on validation of pulse rate variability, respiratory frequency and stress assessment from NIVAband.
  • Consulting agreement with Gideon Health INC (DE, USA) on physiology-driven signal processing techniques for wearable devices.
  • Technology transfer agreement with Brainmatterz LLC (McKinney, TX, USA) on ambulatory/wearable solutions for sleep apnea monitoring.