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Eduardo Gil

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Universidad de Zaragoza, CUD Zaragoza. UZCUD2015-TEC-03

The Autonomous Nervous System (ANS) is in charge of maintaining homeostasis or internal balance of our body through the control of various physiological systems. The monitoring and quantification of the balance of its two branches (sympathetic and parasympathetic) is of great relevance to know the mechanisms of regulation of the same, with multiple applications.

This project aims to design and validate an opto-electronic device that allows the evaluation of ANS in a non-invasive way in aquatic environments. For this, the variability of the heart rate will be estimated by means of the photoplethysmographic pulse signal. Potential applications of it would be the measurement of the level of training in aquatic physical activities, the evaluation of rehabilitation methods in the water or its incorporation into dive computers, increasing the safety of dives.