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Esther Pueyo

Funding agency

Gobierno de Aragón

This project investigates left bundle branch area pacing (LBBAP) in patients referred for anti-bradycardia pacemaker therapy. We aim to determine the efficacy (improved synchronization of ventricular activation) and safety (reduced adverse effects) of LBBAP compared to other pacing techniques, including those commonly used in clinical practice. Also, we expect to gain in-depth understanding of the mechanisms underlying each of the techniques and to use this knowledge to identify the most appropriate pacing technique as a function of the characteristics of each patient. Ultimately, methods for therapy optimization will be proposed to make further progress in the treatment of patients. To achieve the objectives of the project, an interdisciplinary research will be carried out combining new methodologies in cardiac electrophysiology, signal processing and medical imaging, in silico modeling of biological systems, numerical simulation and mathematical analysis, with the research team contributing expertise in all these disciplines.