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Ricardo Maximiliano Rosales

PHD Student


Ricardo Maximiliano Rosales was born in Argentina, in 1994. He received his bachelor degree in Applied Sciences from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, in 2016 and the Double Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the former institution and the Politecnico di Torino, at Turin, Italy, in 2019.

He joined the Biomedical Signal Interpretation and Computational Simulation (BSICoS) group in 2020, where he is currently working on computational modelling and simulation of the cardiac electro-mechanical activity, and deep learning techniques for biventricular automatic segmentation of the heart.




Rosales, R M; Mountris, K; Doblaré, M; Mazo, M; Pueyo, E

Evaluación Computacional de la Arquitectura de la Matriz de Cultivo en la Electrofisiología Cardíaca Conferencia

X Jornada de Jóvenes Investigadores I3A. Comunicación oral, 2021.

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Rosales, R M; Mountris, K; Doblaré, M; Mazo, M; Pueyo, E

In silico Electrophysiological Evaluation of Scaffold Geometries for Cardiac Tissue Engineering Conferencia

Proceedings of the XLVII International Conference on Computing in Cardiology, Brno, Czech Republic, 2021.


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