Nov 13, 2020

Next Monday and Tuesday, November 16 and 17, we will attend the XIV CIBER-BBN Annual Conference. Our research group will be represented by Pablo Armañac and Alejando Alcaine, who will present their research work at this meeting that, this year, will be online.

Pablo Armañac will participate with his work “Autonomic nervous system surrogates, cardiopulmonary coupling and respiratory parameters as predictors of successful weaning in mechanically ventilated patients (ANS-RESP-WEANING)», on Monday at 12:45.

Alejandro Alcaine, will speak on Tuesday at 12:30, talking about “Automatic electrogram signal analysis for reentrant circuit mapping on scar-related ventricular arrhythmia patients».

CIBER-BBN´s Annual Conference. Further  information