20 Jun, 2022

Julia Ramírez presented a poster at the European Human Genetics Conference describing new findings on rare variants modulating resting heart rate and their importance in cardiovascular risk.

In addition, in the first days of June, she participated in the ERAS World Congress 2022 (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery). She was invited to give a talk describing the potential of artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting and reducing risk.

Previously, in May,  Julia Ramírez gave an oral presentation at the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS 2022) showing the added value of genetic risk scores (GRSs) for multiple cardiovascular risk factors to a clinical score, QRISK3, and a coronary artery disease (CAD) GRS for both CAD and major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) prediction. They used data from ~400,000 individuals from the UK Biobank without underlying cardiovascular disease. Her attendance was awarded with a Young Investigator Fellowship.