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Helios Pareja

Funding agency

Ministerio de Cultura y
Deporte. Ref. 03/UPR/19. 2019-2021

This Research Network focused on the epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular risk in sport aims to position itself in research in physical activity and sport sciences, both Spanish and international, through the promotion of applied scientific and technological strategies, scientific advice and forums for the exchange of knowledge and detection of opportunities. Through the network they will try to evaluate and carry out preventive and health promotion activities in general and cardiovascular health in particular in the sports population.

The project aims to promote the synergy of research capacities and resources between groups from different universities: the European University, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Valencia, the University of Castilla la Mancha and the University of Zaragoza, research centers such as IMDEA Food, a biotechnology company / startups EpiDisease, the MAPOMA Sports Association and the Madrid Basketball Federation, through a multidisciplinary strategy in physical activity and sports sciences, epidemiology, community medicine, cardiology, biochemistry, nutrition, mathematics and telecommunications.