8 Oct, 2021

Jennifer Riccio, Esther Pueyo and Pablo Laguna participated in Atrial Signals congress that took place at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Campus South, Karlsruhe, Alemania, from Septembre 23 to 25.

Researcher Jennifer Riccio explained her work about “Analysis of unipolar electrogram eigenvalue dispersion for the detection of atrial fibrosis».

Atrial fibrosis plays a meaningful role in the pathogenesis of atrial fibrillation (AF). Areas with peak-to-peak amplitude of bipolar electrograms (b-EGMs) lower than 0.5 mV are detected as scar tissue and targeted for AF ablation procedures. However, this approach disregards the spatiotemporal information held in the signal and is influenced by b-EGMs dependence on catheter orientation.

To overcome these limitations, in this study, we propose to use the dominant-to-remaining eigenvalue dominance ratio (EIGDR) of unipolar electrograms (u-EGMs) within a group of nearby electrodes (clique) as a measure of the voltage wavefront roughness and correlate it with the presence of fibrosis.

EIGDR approach allows to discriminate fibrotic from non-fibrotic tissue, improving its performance when clique alignment is considered and 3×3 configuration is used, providing slightly improved performance to standard voltage maps for the 3×3 aligned EIGDR maps.

In addition, Esther Pueyo and Pablo Laguna gave talks about “Modelling the aging of the heart» and the “Guiding ablation from EGM characteristics», respectively.

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